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What Makes Logos Great?

Posted on October 13th, 2014 · By Integraphix · No Comments

Not every company has the fortune to have a logo that is great. A great logo is the product of great logo design but for some companies, they create something subpar. How do some strike gold while others go through logos faster than amateur golfers do golf balls? Well, the companies that strike gold used graphic designers who knew these 5 keys to a great logo.

  1. Great logos represent the business. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. A great logo will represent the business and the message it stands for. One classic example is the FedEx logo that uses the white negative space between the E and X to create an arrow pointing right; this gives us the impression of progress, forward movement, etc. These are all things that FedEx stands for in the package delivery business. Your logo is what people recognize when they see or remember your company.
  2. It is distinctive and unique. The worst thing a business can do is create a logo that is similar to a competitor, no matter what size either company is. It is fine to be inspired by a logo design from another company but to replicate it in any way is not a good move. If you plan on growing your business, then you need to have a logo that is a unique symbol, word mark, or both. Don’t be tied down to clich√© designs, either; look at Starbucks, they don’t have a single coffee bean or cup in their logo.
  3. It withstands the tests of time. A great logo is not designed by the rules of a trend or fad. A logo might be inspired by some trend but it still does what it wants. Logos that do what they want and still look great can be used for decades. Take the Coca-Cola logo. It has stayed the same, with minor changes here & there.
  4. A great logo is able to work in many situations. No matter the size, color, or usage, a great logo will still look great. One example is the Apple logo or perhaps the McDonald’s “M”. Usually, the simpler logos do well at this. This is often one that is forgotten about when done in a rush or by an amateur designer; hence, is why hiring a professional logo designer is worth the effort.
  5. It is appropriate for its target market. A company that targets C-suite executives needs to have a logo that matches that level of professionalism; a logo for a toy company needs to be more playful and appeal to children, not use the same font as a law office. Some examples, PlaySkool, ToysRUs, etc. Some companies can get away with violating this but not many.
As a professional graphic design agency, we at Integraphix know the need and effort that goes into a great logo. Your company needs something that speaks truthfully about your company; contact Integraphix about a logo design or even a redesign.
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