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Considering a Logo Redesign

Posted on December 28th, 2012 · By Integraphix · No Comments


As a marketing company in Chicago we are avid believers in the power of brand identity and what it can do for a business. A good logo and brand identity should reflect and represent your business for many years.  For many businesses, it may be hard to create an effective logo design that gives a successful representation of their business. Many people are aware of how important brand identity and a logo design choice are, which is what makes creating and ultimately choosing a logo design so difficult. The logo design process can be tricky since consumer preferences change on such a frequent basis. What is in today could quickly be out tomorrow.  Try to think about your logo in terms of it being your first impression.  When a person visits your website or is handed your business card, your logo is the first thing they notice about your company. In the first moments when somebody views your logo, it needs to quickly establish interest and convey a positive message that reflects your business.

Redesigning your business logo might just be one of the best decisions you could make for the upcoming year. Redesigning a logo is not an easy task and there are major factors that need to be considered. We offer a Free Marketing Analysis, which is a great tool to help you make tough decisions regarding branding, marketing, web design and much more.  Give your business an edge and take steps forward towards success.  Working with a marketing company to help you and your business create a logo and brand identity will help you take your thoughts and better organize them into a design that works for you and your business.

Today’s hottest trends have the potential to become tomorrow’s clichés, so be wary when you are cashing in on a trend. Creating a logo may sound like an easy task but there are many things that need to be considered when making a dramatic identity change for your brand.  You must always consider your target audience.  Who is your target market? What are they like?  What income bracket do they fall in?  Are they male, female or a mix of both sexes?  What age group do they fall into?  All these questions must be answered when tweaking your logo and brand identity.  It is very important to understand who you are attracting when it comes to logo design. To be a successful business, you need to keep up with logo trends and always have an updated look that reflects your target market’s tastes, attitudes, values and beliefs.

Is it time for a redesign or tweak to your business logo?  If you’ve read our previous blog entry, “Logo Changes Over Time” you may have noticed the evolution of credible corporate logos over time. We believe that your customers are the biggest source of your brand power. As time goes on, updating your logo or brand identity might just be what your viewers are looking for.  A little reinvention of your brand’s image could be just what you need.   A successful redesign of your business logo could give your business some great press fodder and really, it could give people something to talk about.  We personally have noticed that people like observing businesses that make successful branding changes. It truly shows ambition on behalf of the brand and it shows that they are not afraid to make a change.

For 2013 we are focusing our energy on helping clients create new and improved brand identities.  It’s a new year, why not create a new identity for your business?  Give yourself and your business the opportunity to start out the year on the right foot. Comments or questions on logos and branding?  Comment below or contact us.

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