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What Does the Color in Your Logo Say About You?

Posted on September 25th, 2014 · By Integraphix · No Comments


The logo design process needs to be taken with great care and not rushed. A rushed logo is how your company will end up on a “Worst Logo List” of the year. Research suggests that the design and colors of your logos bear a great impact on how consumers receive the impression of your company.

Many neuroscientists, including Bevil Conway, believe that there is a lot of power behind how humans process color. We already know quite a bit about the subject but there is still plenty to learn, apparently. We as people are hardwired to interpret colors in certain ways. Colors affect our moods and emotions, some colors do so for the better and some for the worse. As a graphic design agency that creates lots of corporate logos, we thought we’d share why colors matter in logos.

  • Nearly 85% of consumers say that the colors of a product were what convinced them to buy a product.
  • When people buy products: 93% look at its appearance, 6% at the texture, 1% on smell and sound.
  • 80% of consumers believe that color helps with brand recognition. This is why many companies like logos & packaging to feature a bright color.
  • Consumers make s sub-conscious decision about a product within 90 seconds of viewing it
    • Between 62% and 90% of that analysis is based on the color of the product & its logo alone
  • Advertisements that are printed in color are read 42% more than those in black & white. This is a big deal!
  • Color in a logo can improve comprehension by 73%, learning by 55%, and reading by 40%.
What do the colors do in our minds?
  • Red is typically associated with things like heat and fire. Many consider red to be the color of arousal and stimulates people to take risks. It can stimulate the senses and raise our blood pressure. It has been known to increase feelings of power, energy, love, aggression, passion, and danger.
  • Yellow has been associated with heat of sun and fire, much like red. It is also considered a color that will arouse us. It can stimulate feelings of optimism and hope while also triggering cowardice and betrayal.
  • Blue is connected to feelings of coolness from the sea and the sky. It can calm our senses and lower our blood pressure. It helps stimulate feelings of trust, security, order, and cleanliness.
  • Orange is connected with heat and fire and is also an arousal color. It can stimulate our energy, balance, and warmth.
  • Green is associated with freshness and leaves. Nature, good luck, and envy are the things that come to mind.
  • Purple is a non-arousal color and creates feelings of power, spirituality, mystery, royalty, and even arrogance.
Obviously, we did not cover every color but off-shoots of these colors tend to carry the same weight as these. So when you need to design a logo or perhaps redesign your current logo, then you need to hire a marketing agency that will know which colors will help you the most, hire Integraphix
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