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Why Your Company Logo Is So Important

Posted on September 12th, 2014 · By Integraphix · No Comments

In order for your business to succeed, you need to have great marketing and branding. Part of accomplishing these is to have a quality logo.

Why are logos important? 

Lots and lots of research show that people respond better to visuals than text. For many of us, we have a much easier time recalling an image, even complex, than we do a sentence, even a simple one. Your company’s logo has to represent all of the beliefs, elements, vision, and expectations of your business. When consumers think of your brand, they will picture your logo in their mind, let’s hope they do so with a positive manner. If someone sees your logo, even for a moment, they should be able to say your company name. As a Chicago marketing company, we can’t tell you enough about the importance of a good, nay, great logo!

What goes into a great logo? 

Designing a great logo can take a lot of work and exhaust your creative mind. However, when you hire a great graphic designer, you can be confident they’ll do the job beyond your expectations. A logo should feature all the elements of your business. It will be the representative of all the personality of your business in a concise way. It has to be memorable and unique while also being professional and full of character. Remember, a great logo is one that works in different sizes, colors, on a website, on print, etc. Flexibility and consistency are key.

Your logo belongs to you. 

Your logo is like the fingerprint of your company; only you should have it and it should identify your business in a heartbeat. It is your job to own the logo and let it showcase the meaning behind it.

Who will be affected by your logo? 

Your target audience will be most affected and appealed to by your logo. Those outside of your target market will see it but they will not be drawn in and affected by it like your target market will be, assuming your company does great marketing. Your logo has to have the look of those you’re trying to appeal to; for example, if your products target 20-somethings, then making the logo look like it’s from the 1940s will not work too well. Logo design requires research and this means understanding who you are trying to sell to.

If you are looking for a graphic designer who can design a logo that will help your business stand out, then contact Integraphix


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