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3 Logo Design Lessons to Learn From Thanksgiving

Posted on November 17th, 2014 · By Integraphix · No Comments

Professional logo design is a business that requires a lot of preparation and planning. You cannot have a successful logo that you design on a whim. The same thing goes for Thanksgiving dinner. A good Thanksgiving dinner requires you to plan ahead and work hard.

There are quite a few things you can learn about business from Thanksgiving, even business like graphic design. Here are 3 things we noticed about Thanksgiving that can be applied to logo design.

  1. Make sure the final presentation looks good. When you put all the food on the table, you do not want the turkey to be anything but the perfect shade of golden brown. The corn is the perfect yellow, the mashed potatoes are the perfect white. Everything is as it should be. Just like the food, your logo has to be the best colors that match the company’s expectations (such as their color scheme and branding). Your logo also has to look right in black and white.
  2. Have some assistance. No Thanksgiving dinner is made by just one person. Well, unless the person does a lot of cooking prior to the day and/or is just that good! Typically, however, the meal is made by at least two people (even if that helper is just in charge of the cranberry sauce!) For logo design, you will want some help at some point. Either you have help during the design process or during the refining stage & are getting constructive criticisms.
  3. Understanding your client’s interests. When you cook for Thanksgiving, you cook things that your family and friends will like; you also cook them the way they like. Otherwise, they will not enjoy the food and your dinner will flop. Hopefully, you meet with a client before beginning the design process to make sure that you are designing according to their interests. Otherwise, you will have a logo that will flop and a very unhappy client. That is no bueno, my friend. As a graphic designer, you can have an unhappy client even if you design according to what they say but at least it will not be that bad.
Does your business need a logo or a logo redesign? Then hire Integraphix and talk with one of our logo designers and get the logo that your business deserves!
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