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Happy New Years from Integraphix

Posted on December 29th, 2014 · By Integraphix · No Comments

The Role of Shape in Logo Design

Posted on December 22nd, 2014 · By Integraphix · No Comments

When designing a logo, one of the the most important parts to consider is the shape that is used. Of course, you have to think about this to some extent because shapes are necessary for things to exist; what we mean here is that the shape(s) used in the logo design process need to be [...]

Logo Design Trends for 2015. What to Expect.

Posted on December 15th, 2014 · By Integraphix · No Comments

So the new year is just around the corner, a few weeks away. Each year, we find that there are new trends when it comes to things like marketing and graphic design. For the coming year, our Chicago graphic design team has predicted the following trends to happen next year. Type based simplicity.  Letter stacking.  The crest.  [...]

The Best & Worst Logo Redesigns of 2014

Posted on December 8th, 2014 · By Integraphix · No Comments

Brands redesign their logos all the time. It is necessary to stay current with the times, to move away from a bad image, to establish a brand identity, etc. Of the many rebranding attempts of 2014 via logo redesigns, here are some of the best and worst that we have seen. Airbnb– This should come [...]

Logo Design Tips for Tech Companies

Posted on December 1st, 2014 · By Integraphix · No Comments

Tech startups & companies are some of the fastest growing segments in the business world. Think about it, every time you see a company open its doors, many of them are tech related. With all these kinds of businesses hitting the world, how does one design a logo that helps them stand out? Let’s take a [...]

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