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The Truth About Apple’s Logo: The Apple

Posted on January 5th, 2015 · By Integraphix · No Comments

Apple is one of the world’s most iconic and powerful brands, their logo is easily recognizable by both their fans and their foes. There have been rumors that the apple is a deep-riddled symbol with lots of meaning. The real deal with the apple is Apple’s famous logo is not saturated with intense, hidden meaning but rather is a clean, simple design that has been methodically sculpted and tailored over time.

Many people have crafted theories as to what the logo possibly means due to how simple it is; simplicity sometimes scares us because we are conditioned to expect complex things in life.

One theory is that the logo is an honor to a Enigma code breaker, Alan Turing, who was a mathematician that got discovered by Britian’s moral police in late 1954. He bit into an apple he laced with cyanide and killed himself. This is false. 

A second theory is that the logo’s (now removed) rainbow bands were to support gay liberation. This is also false. 

The logo was created by Rob Janoff, a Palo Alto, CA graphic designer. Thelogo design came in two final parts: an apple with a bite and one without a bite. Since Jobs feared that people would confuse the bite-less apple for a cherry, he chose the one with a bite.

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