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10 Social Media Platforms to Build Your Personal Brand

Posted on April 28th, 2015 · By Integraphix · No Comments

Building your personal brand or branding your business can be done in several ways, one great way is via social media marketing. Here are 10 networks you can use to build your brand.

  1. Facebook. Even if someone is not friends with you on here, they can still see your avatar, cover photo, and perhaps some info (depending on your security settings). If you are a business, then your brand page is public and people can see everything, whether they like your page or not.
  2. Twitter. Follow people in your industry and retweet/favorite what they post, as long as it’s genuinely good. It is a great way to build connections & get noticed. Same thing for businesses.
  3. YouTube. Create content-heavy videos to YouTube. Video is a very popular method with digital marketing and on YouTube, you can optimize the descriptions with hashtags and it can even help with rankings on Google! People will see you as a professional resource.
  4. You can create a personal website where you can share your resume, background experience, stories, graphics, anything you need to succeed. It is free and easy to use!
  5. LinkedIn. Connect with clients, employers, and contacts. Get yourself out there; the more people see your name and photo, the more they like you.
  6. Instagram. Like and comment on images posted by people or businesses in your industry. Get noticed.
  7. Slideshare. You can upload a presentation about your expertise on here quickly & easily. People will be impressed with the presentation and respect your wisdom!
  8. Google Plus. This is great for search rankings! Make sure to post your blog posts and articles on here to improve your authorship and share lovable content.
  9. Blogs. Do it on Blogger or WordPress. If you have a personal website, or a company website, then a blog within the site is the best option. Share your opinions and expertise, keep it civil and professional!
  10. Pinterest. Repin, pin, and comment on pins that are related to your industry! Pinterest is a wonderful way to drive traffic to your blog(s).
Try these tools and see how you like them for building your personal brand! Chances are, you already use some of them for personal use, now just use them professionally, too! Call Integraphix about how to usesocial media marketing to your benefit.
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