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The Art of Throwback Design & Its Appeal to the Future

Posted on May 19th, 2015 · By Integraphix · No Comments

There is something special about remembering the good times in life. Think of a time from your childhood, or if your fortunate enough to have pictures, look at those. As adults, it can be fun for us to think about those good times in the past and how good life was back then.

As a creative at a Chicago logo design studio, one of my favorite things to do is to see all the different logos and brand packaging that was around when I was a child. It brings back certain emotions, thoughts, scents, tastes, etc. Brands know this happens when we see vintage packaging and logos, so they capitalize on it. 

Way back in the day, Pepsi was made with real sugar and not high-fructose corn syrup. At the time when Pepsi, and other sodas, used real sugar, their logos looked vastly different than they do now. Pepsi has brought back a version of their flagship soda brand but with the iconic real-sugar taste… and wordmark (although their current symbol remains on the packaging). The vintage wordmark is supposed to align with the vintage recipe and flavor to create a whirlwind of nostalgia and memories for consumers.

Now, Pepsi is using this recipe and wordmark on their mini cans, which are supposed to be appealing to health-conscious Millennials. Many soda brands are producing mini cans and bottles so Millennials, and other health-conscious demos, are still willing to purchase their product despite living healthier lives. So why would Pepsi use this nostalgia platform with their Millennial target market? Because Millennials love items that are vintage and nostalgic. Not to generalize, not all Millennials feel this way but market research gives enough support for brands to appeal to this desire. It gives this demographic a taste (pun-intended) of a previous time and give them a chance to remember their pasts.

Pretty cool, huh? It is very goodcreative marketing and graphic design.

Brands are connecting with this, “Our brand is part of your good times in life” strategy because it works. It’s pathos. If your brand is not utilizing this strategy, it needs to be. Contact Integraphix and see how our Chicago creative marketing agency can help your business connect with its audience.

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